Why Should One Invest In Thane?

Thane being the framework of development and culture, facilitates prospective home buyers looking into various aspects before investing in a property. Location of the property is one of the primary factors affecting this decision. The most obvious location that comes to mind when it’s Mumbai suburbs and surrounding areas is Thane. And the burning question is which location to prefer over the other and what parameters to consider for the same. Let’s look into the pros and cons of Thane as a location to decipher what suits the home buyers’ needs best! To begin with, direct connect and easy commute to Mumbai by roads. Compared to Mumbai, roads and public spaces in Thane are wider and prone to less congestion. Additionally, Thane being divided into multiple wards, has a better management system for all its wards. The local railway network extends from South Mumbai to Thane and Beyond Dombivali and ahead, which makes for a smooth commute.

Furthermore, to mark one of the major positive infrastructure developments in the city, the latest metro line 4 is all set to connect Wadala to Kasarvadavli in Thane, thus connecting Thane to all the parts of the city. Being one of the fastest growing hubs in the city, Thane is today the topmost choice for all prominent developers of the country. Locations like Ghodbunder Road and Wagle Estate are growing exponentially and providing more and more commercial prospects making Thane a great place to invest in. In spite of the rapid breakthrough, Thane has credibly managed to preserve the old fabric and community life that prospers within. Amongst the most recent residential conveniences in Thane, making apt use of the location advantages, is multinational group Risland’s The Icon project. The Icon – Uptown Manhattan in Thane is a futuristic residential development aimed at providing the finest construction quality and space, with a holistic approach to smart home technology.

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